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Effective Exercises to Melt Belly Fat for Women

No matter how hard we exercise, there is that one area on the body that just doesn’t want to get back into shape. And that’s the belly! Most women tend to lose their flat tummies after pregnancy or other similar conditions that tend to put oodles of weight around the waistline. Getting rid of this tummy fat is considered to be the hardest part of any workout routine for a woman.

So if you are desperately trying to get rid of that incessant belly fat and are wondering about the right exercises for the same, here are some of the most effective workout routines that you can opt for! These exercises would definitely help you lose all that belly fat and get your tummy back to looking slim and slender like it used to before!

The Bicycle Workout
Adjudged by many trainers and physicians to be the best exercises for the stomach and abdominal muscles, the bicycle exercise involves lying down on your back on the floor and trying to imitate the action of riding a bicycle (with some alterations of course).

Ball Crunches
Ball crunches differ from the normal crunches that you do on the floor. While normal crunches target the abdominal muscles but tend to place more pressure on the arms and legs, ball exercises target the abdominal muscles first before concentrating on the rest of the body for added stability and strength.

An excellent exercise to get rid of the fat depositories on the sides of the waist, Pilates is comparatively easier to perform and require you to lie down on your back on the floor. Keep your feet together and bend your knees until they are parallel to your hip.

Long Arm Crunches
Resembling traditional crunches, long arm crunches involve stretching your arms behind you instead of clasping them behind your neck. Comparatively harder to perform, the exercise would effectively target the upper and lower abdominal muscles simultaneously.

Vertical Leg Crunches
Also slightly different from the traditional crunches, vertical leg crunches would effectively target the oblique and abdominal muscles to reduce belly fat in no time at all. It would take a little more effort on your end to master this workout though.

Reverse Crunches
Imagine doing a vertical leg crunch from the opposite direction. That is what a reverse crunch is all about. This particular exercise would effectively get rid of those love handles present on the sides of your waist and hip.


Why Should You do Breathing Exercises?

Anyone can benefit from simple breathing techniques. Being conscious of something as basic as breathing, and altering one’s breathing habits andBreathing Exercisespatterns, could be both energizing and calming, based on what you want to achieve with breathwork. Additionally, for those with stress-related conditions along with other physical ailments, such as digestive disorders, depression or anxiety-related illnesses, breathwork could be particularly beneficial. It only needs a few moments of commitment every day to improve ventilation, breathing patterns, relieve difficulty breathing and find inner peace and calm.

1. Tension and stress Reliever :
Breathing exercise is probably the most popular method to relief tension and stress. Stress is unhealthy. Whenever a person is stressed-out, breathing exercises will assist you to release that built-up tension within the muscles especially on the shoulder and neck region. A person who is totally stressed-out will often have short and shallow breaths. Slow and breathing exercises can help such persons to unwind their mind, body, reduce stress and regain normal respiratory rate again. It can reduce fatigue, anxiety helping a person to stay away from depression. It may relief you from hyperventilation, a poor headache and you can sleep better too.

2. Increases Oxygen Delivery :
Breathing exercise can offer an optimal supply of oxygen to all the organs in your body including the heart and brain. Whenever you breathe, you inhale oxygen and expel carbondioxide along with other toxins from the body. Breathing exercises teaches someone to inhale more oxygen and therefore, improves the blood quality and overall wellness of a person.

3. Increases Degree of energy and Strenghtens Your Immune System :
Practicing proper breathing exercises will help increase the amount of oxygen intake in your body which is carried through your bloodstream. This boosts your own body’s energy level and enriches the body to metabolise nutrients and vitamins and thereby strengthens your own body’s immune system.

4. Good for Lungs :
Breathing exercise boosts the flow of oxygen for your lungs and hence, protects you from the risk of several respiratory diseases. Research indicates that deep breathing exercise benefits the asthma and bronchitis patients.

5. Clarity of Thoughts and Improves Mental Focus :
Clarity of thoughts and great mental focus is essential in any field of expertise. Proper breathing exercise techniques will help you become more active and productive by clearing the mind from unwanted stress, tension, anxiety, fatigue, etc. It will help you to stay focus on your ultimate goal and stay away from unwanted thoughts.

6. Helps you to Maintain Your Blood Pressure Level :
Research show that breathing exercises helps someone to avoid stress and tension which is a major risk factor for top blood pressure. High blood pressure is a condition that may easily lead to stroke, heart failure, cardiac arrest or kidney failure, etc. It may be life threatening as well. Performing certain breathing exercises will help lower your blood pressure level in the body.

7. Breathing Exercise Aids to Digestion :
Proper as well as an effective deep breathing exercise might help promote and stimulate digestive process in your body.

8. Breathing Exercis is Good for The skin :
The improve blood circulation and proper oxygen flow because of deep breathing exercise lessens the results of aging on your skin. You will get beautiful, radiant and glowing skin.

9. Breathing Exercise to lose weight :
Research Studies have revealed that breathing exercise will help control weight and boost the rate of metabolism.