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Healthy Foods That Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth Whitening Foods

Teeth Whitening Foods

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. Works out not everything you actually want to eat isn’t good for you, particularly when it comes to building brighter, whiter teeth. Eating the best foods will help keep your smile looking bright.

Healthy Foods That Naturally Whiten The Teeth :

The loud crunch you hear whenever you bite into this hard fruit might be annoying, but it’s also great for your choppers. Apples’ crispness strengthens gums, as well as their high water content increases saliva production, dispersing and neutralizing colonies of bacteria that cause bad breath and plaque.

Hard cheese, such as the little blocks you get on those delicious appetizer trays, is filled with calcium, which strengthens gums and teeth. Plus, most cheeses are near colorless, meaning they won’t stain the teeth.

This vegetable won’t get stuck to your teeth and cause unsightly surface stains. An excellent side or additive for your lunch at work, the florets will scrub the top of your teeth, giving them an all natural mid-day brushing.

This bright fruit contains citrus, an acid that may wear away tooth enamel if ingested in large doses, making teeth whiter-but at a price. So while don’t recommend gulping down bags of oranges within the spirit of a bright smile, a juicy helping every now and then is good for your pearly whites, and due to loads of vitamin C, your overall health too.

Eating a pear to neutralize pesky odor-causing and staining bacteria colonies on teeth. Increased saliva production due to this sweet, delicious fruit also washes away food debris, leaving teeth neat and sparkling.