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Arm Exercises for Women with Weights

Free weights provide a multitude of ways to strengthen and tone your arms. Arm strength and definition improve women’s appearance in tank tops and bathing suits. Strong arms also help women perform daily activities such as carrying groceries and Arm Exercises for Women with Weightslifting kids. Barbells and dumbbells offer an advantage over weight machines because they require you to use more synergistic and stabilizing muscles, allowing you to achieve a more effective workout. For all of these exercises, begin with one set of 10 to 15 repetitions. After a few weeks, work up to two or three sets. When you perform multiple sets, be sure to rest at least one minute between them.

Here are the six arm workouts to help you lose arm fat by burning fat and building the muscles.

1. Push-ups
Push-ups are done properly by raising and lowering your body using your arms., the palms must be placed on the ground with shoulder-width apart and your weights must on your hands and toes. Keeping your back straight, lower yourself down with your elbows bent 90 degrees, and go back to the original position and repeat the movement 15 times.

2. The Scissor Stretch
To perform the scissors, stretch out your arms straight in front of you at the same level as your shoulders. Stretch them to the side and bring them back so that you have your arms overlapped. Bring the arms to the back until they formed a straight line. Continue bringing your arms back and forth for at least 20 times.

3. Dips
A stable chair is needed to perform dips as a tool of support to place your hands on the chair. Keep your back close to the bench and bend your knees a little so that your feel placed flatly on the floor about hip-width apart. Slowly lower down your body as you bend your elbow to a 90-degree angle. Hold the position for a few seconds before pushing back up to the starting position. Repeat at least 20 times.

4. Elbow Plank
The elbow plank is often featured in yoga as a core exercise for abdominal muscles. To perform elbow plank, start by resting your weight on your forearms and knee on the floor. Elevate your body by step your feet out at a time and keep your back straight. Contract your abs and stay in that position for 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise three times. Once you’ve built up your strength, you can stay elevated for longer than 30 seconds. (source)

5. Weight Lifting
There are several ways to perform weight-lifting exercise for your arms especially on the biceps and triceps area. For beginners, start lifting the weight around 2-3 pounds and once your arms get stronger, you can add on more weights. The most effective way to have lean and toned arms is the bicep curls.



Why Should You do Breathing Exercises?

Anyone can benefit from simple breathing techniques. Being conscious of something as basic as breathing, and altering one’s breathing habits andBreathing Exercisespatterns, could be both energizing and calming, based on what you want to achieve with breathwork. Additionally, for those with stress-related conditions along with other physical ailments, such as digestive disorders, depression or anxiety-related illnesses, breathwork could be particularly beneficial. It only needs a few moments of commitment every day to improve ventilation, breathing patterns, relieve difficulty breathing and find inner peace and calm.

1. Tension and stress Reliever :
Breathing exercise is probably the most popular method to relief tension and stress. Stress is unhealthy. Whenever a person is stressed-out, breathing exercises will assist you to release that built-up tension within the muscles especially on the shoulder and neck region. A person who is totally stressed-out will often have short and shallow breaths. Slow and breathing exercises can help such persons to unwind their mind, body, reduce stress and regain normal respiratory rate again. It can reduce fatigue, anxiety helping a person to stay away from depression. It may relief you from hyperventilation, a poor headache and you can sleep better too.

2. Increases Oxygen Delivery :
Breathing exercise can offer an optimal supply of oxygen to all the organs in your body including the heart and brain. Whenever you breathe, you inhale oxygen and expel carbondioxide along with other toxins from the body. Breathing exercises teaches someone to inhale more oxygen and therefore, improves the blood quality and overall wellness of a person.

3. Increases Degree of energy and Strenghtens Your Immune System :
Practicing proper breathing exercises will help increase the amount of oxygen intake in your body which is carried through your bloodstream. This boosts your own body’s energy level and enriches the body to metabolise nutrients and vitamins and thereby strengthens your own body’s immune system.

4. Good for Lungs :
Breathing exercise boosts the flow of oxygen for your lungs and hence, protects you from the risk of several respiratory diseases. Research indicates that deep breathing exercise benefits the asthma and bronchitis patients.

5. Clarity of Thoughts and Improves Mental Focus :
Clarity of thoughts and great mental focus is essential in any field of expertise. Proper breathing exercise techniques will help you become more active and productive by clearing the mind from unwanted stress, tension, anxiety, fatigue, etc. It will help you to stay focus on your ultimate goal and stay away from unwanted thoughts.

6. Helps you to Maintain Your Blood Pressure Level :
Research show that breathing exercises helps someone to avoid stress and tension which is a major risk factor for top blood pressure. High blood pressure is a condition that may easily lead to stroke, heart failure, cardiac arrest or kidney failure, etc. It may be life threatening as well. Performing certain breathing exercises will help lower your blood pressure level in the body.

7. Breathing Exercise Aids to Digestion :
Proper as well as an effective deep breathing exercise might help promote and stimulate digestive process in your body.

8. Breathing Exercis is Good for The skin :
The improve blood circulation and proper oxygen flow because of deep breathing exercise lessens the results of aging on your skin. You will get beautiful, radiant and glowing skin.

9. Breathing Exercise to lose weight :
Research Studies have revealed that breathing exercise will help control weight and boost the rate of metabolism.

Secrets For Improving Your Yoga Practice

Being perfectly still in your mind and body is harder than a single might think. More than the physical challenge of holding a pose (whether it’s Lotus or perhaps a handstand), what many of us continue to have a problem withSecrets For Improving Your Yoga Practice is the task of calming your brain and focusing on the self and also the present.

We all tend to get stuck on people and stuff that exist outside of us. We become too immersed in a lot of other things that we forget to concentrate and nurture our feeling of self. When this happens, use these three guidelines to help you re-center and refocus your yoga practice.

1. Examine your primary goal and intentions.
When doing a yoga pose the very first time, many immediately focus on the alignment or doing the work exactly as how the teacher will it. We forget that the requisite for conducting a pose properly is to find your center, since then can you balance and obtain into position with the least amount of struggle.

This really is something only you can do on your own. Your teacher and classmates are only able to help bring you closer, but it’s you who has to find your center and purchased it. Don’t make it your goal to simply have the ability to perform a pose and “copy” what your teacher does. Rather, practice yoga using the intention of making the asanas meet your needs. Respect the process and patiently feel it, so you can reap the full advantages of your practice.

Remember this identical principle as you go through life’s challenges. It won’t be simple, and there will be days whenever your stance will wobble, your legs will shake, and you’ll believe that you will fall out of what your location is. But if you’re guided by the right goals and good intention, there is also a way to achieve balance to help make your journey much more fulfilling.

2. Learn Metta meditation.
Loving kindness, or Metta, is really a form of meditation that emphasizes passion for self, and how it is only by establishing this inner feeling of connection with yourself that you can love the people and things who are around you. Think of it as a “wave” emanating out of your core; it’s the peacefulness and love from inside that enables you to practice loving kindness within the things you do, and toward those who work in your family and greater community.

The concept of yoga starts with us being an individual endeavor. To do yoga in your sacred space is to love yourself enough to pay attention to improving your health and overall well-being. You practice loving kindness by loving yourself. Much like with life and the people we meet, relationships we form, we participate and begin as individuals and leave included in a bigger community.

3. Understand that it’s not a competition.
In yoga class, it may get tempting to look around and find out how your classmates are doing and just how they’re progressing through the asanas. Many of us are responsible for this self-imposed pressure to practice yoga within the same pace and intensity as those around us. But because, yoga starts being an individual journey. Comparing yourself with other people and competing with their own yoga practice is only going to cause you physical and emotional pain.

The same thing goes with life – the way you live, the things we accomplish, and also the people we meet will change from everyone else’s because we are all on our own personal journeys. Concentrate on loving and being kind to yourself first – discover your personal path to peace and wisdom, to ensure that hopefully you can help and inspire others to complete the same for themselves.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for weight loss works in several ways. First all those stretching and postures aren’t just about flexibility. They build core strength. They push Yoga for Weight Lossyour body aerobically and burn calories. And yoga helps reduce stress. High levels of stress are linked to weight gain. This is because when you are stressed your body produces the hormone cortisol. Too much cortisol can slow your metabolism, causing weight gain. And it can make dieting more difficult.

What exactly is yoga?
There are many different forms of yoga, such as hatha, Bikram, Ashtanga. Each use exercise as a way of becoming more grounded and building core strength. Each use breath techniques to center body and mind.

Why it helps weight loss?
Yoga increases the metabolism – the different poses and stretches of yoga can stimulate the metabolism of the body. One effect of yoga is to increase the energy flow inside the body. The many poses of yoga, such as Downward Dog or Tree Pose, require strength, flexibility and balance. Like any form of exercise, this increases the metabolism and burns calories.

Yoga improves strength – the poses in yoga are not easy. While beginners will start with easier poses, they become more challenging as they advance. These poses require balance and strength, and have been honed for hundreds of years to release any underlying tension in the body.

Yoga reduces stress – Stress and weight gain are often linked. When the body is stressed, it produces the hormone cortisol. Too much cortisol can slow your metabolism, increasing weight gain.

Other benefits
Helps mental clarity – the yoga poses are specially designed to help the flow of energy in the body. By providing some grounding and releasing tension, they help center body and mind.

Positive energy – because yoga originated from a religious practice, some forms retain these spiritual underpinnings. Yoga is based on the principles of compassion for others and calm wisdom.

Increases Flexibility –The positions and stretches that yoga uses are designed to exercise the different muscle groups and internal organs. It is designed to help the overall health of the body, to release tension, and tone muscles and build core strength.

Yoga boosts endorphins – Like all forms of exercise, yoga boosts your endorphins, chemicals in the brain that cause a sense of wellbeing.

No alcohol – Yoga is physically demanding and requires absolute focus. Alcohol will likely affect your concentration, and dulls feelings of pain. For this reason, it could significantly increase the risk of injury.

Tell your teacher about any existing health problems. People with health problems should inform their instructor of their condition before doing yoga. Yoga involves some very intense and demanding positions. Like any workout, it increases the heart rate. It is best to inform the instructor about any medical condition to be sure that the instructor will have special guidelines for these individuals to avoid complications.

No heavy perfume. Wearing perfume before a yoga session may irritate the nasal passages of those who are also in the class.