Healthy Foods To Eat Away Your Anxiety

Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods

Stressed, tired, need to relax and unwind from the daily cares of work, relationships and what ever it is that’s got you all wound-up? Here are six easy, natural and healthy ways to reduce your stress hormones, get some much needed rest and relaxation and improve your mood.

Lavender, which is native to the Mediterranean basin, has been shown to treat mild insomnia. Made from the dried flowers and essential oils of the plant, lavender products are available in many forms, including potpourri, body lotions, teas and candles.

Dark Chocolate:
Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Here’s yet another excuse to eat the beloved treat on a regular basis (as if you even needed a reason). Eating just 1.4 oz of dark chocolate can lower the stress hormones cortisol and catecholamines in the body, which helps reduce anxiety.

Alcohol is terrible for your body, because it dehydrates you and can cause you do to things that ultimately create more anxiety.

Fried Foods:
Friend foods are hard to digest, which could ultimately lead to nervous and uncomfortable feelings.

Coffee is fine in moderation, but an excessive amount could cause your heart to beat differently, resulting in a panic attack.

Dairy Products:
Though not all dairy products are bad for your (i.e. cheese, milk, etc.), when consumed in an excessive amount, you could experience strong feelings of tension.

Refined Sugars:
It’s important to stay away from sugars, especially those that appear in desserts and other sweets. Too much sugar will spike your blood sugar levels, resulting in nervousness.


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