Essential Vegetables To Healthy Diet For Your Health

Essential Vegetables

Essential Vegetables

Vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet, but not all vegetables are created equal. Take a look at why you need these plant varieties, how much you should eat and how to make the right choices. You’ll find that is isn’t difficult to have enough vegetables diet.

Healthy Vegetables:

The abundance of vitamin K in spinach contributes greatly to a healthy nervous system and brain functions. Spinach consists of lutein, which is beneficial to your eyes and prevents cataracts.

Extremely good for the liver and stomach and a detoxifier. It purifies the blood and a great source of roughage, facilitates digestion and in terms of weight loss radishes are very filling, low in calories and a good mouth and breath freshener

Contains high amount of antioxidants essential for the body’s overall health. A safe vegetable for pregnant women it contains a good amount of folate B9, a B vitamin that is necessary for a healthy pregnancy. Adding cauliflower to your daily diet will help in the reduction of prostate, breast, colon, bladder, and ovarian cancer. This vegetable also protects against cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

String Beans:
Beans are the primary source of dietary fiber. String-beans help prevents cancer, bone disease, asthma, fatigue, inflammation, iron deficiency, high blood pressure and heart disease. Eating string-beans raw increases the health benefits but whether cooked or raw this powerhouse vegetable is good for you.

Contains high amount of potassium, magnesium and calcium, that helps regulate blood pressure. It also has ample amount of vitamin ‘C’ an effective antihistamine for easing the discomfort of the common cold. Broccoli bolsters the immune system.


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