Best Home Remedies For Pigmentation on Cheeks

Remedies For Pigmentation

Remedies For Pigmentation

Many of us have faced the issue of skin pigmentation, dark spots, freckles and an uneven skin tone. It is very disturbing and embarrassing to step out with even one spot. Most doctors recommend laser to get rid of such problems, but in my opinion it’s a huge investment. Chose to go with natural remedies; it’s a slow process but progresses in the right direction to give positive and effective results.

Home Remedies Tips:

Fresh Radishes:
Add few fresh radishes into your diet. Radishes have been known to get rid of pimples and also get rid of face color.

Orange Peels:
Grind up dried orange peels in a little bit of water to prepare a paste. Apply this paste onto your face that will help you to clear up the face pigmentation also in reducing pimples.

Cumin Seeds:
Boil some cumin seeds in water and rinse your face with this the cumin seed water. This will improve beauty by washing away marks.

Fresh Cream:
Add few drops of lemon in some fresh cream and apply it on face for a few minutes. It is an instant pimple remover or pigmentation duller.

Guava Banana:
Grind up guava and banana to make a paste and apply this paste on over all face. This is a great way to reduce the look of pigmentation on your face and to enhance your skin over all.

Cucumber Juice:
Also, you can use cucumber juice for application on skin. It reduces any color marks of face along with any acne if you have.

Rose Water:
Use rose water along with some lemon juice every day. After about a half hour of applying this, you can wash your face with all-natural soap.

Dilute vinegar with equal volume of water and use it to cleanse and wash your face. Let the face to air dry to seal in moisture. Chemically, vinegar is acetic acid and is able of whitening and brightening, as well as making skin smoother and more radiant. Apple cider or other natural vinegars are also suggested, though some people use distilled white vinegar.


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