Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Daily

Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea naturally contains something called epigallocatechin-3-gallate that is more commonly referred to as EGCG. This is it’s principal polyphenolic factor that is so beneficial for the body. It will help support a healthy sugar and glucose absorption in addition to good insulin levels within the body. One more thing it does very effectively is promote a proper resting metabolic rate.

Health Benefits:

  • Green tea extract helps to reduce the risk of cancer. The quantity of antioxidants in green tea is 100 times more efficient than Vitamin C and nearly 24 times more efficient than vitamin E. It thus helps your body protect against the damage to the cells which are linked to cancer.
  • Green tea aids in prevention of stroke and Cardiovascular disease. It helps to lower the level of cholesterol in your body. For those suffering from heart attack, it will help to speed up the recovery and prevents the death of cells.
  • Green tea extract has natural ingredients that have anti-aging effects. Polyphenols contained in the green tea help the body combat free radicals thus promoting longevity.
  • Lots of people use green tea for weight loss. It will help to burn off those excess fat pads and boosts the metabolism naturally. It will help you burn as much as 70 calories each day.
  • If you wish to seek a glowing skin, green tea extract can help you with that unique glow. Besides this, green tea extract effectively helps to fight against cancer of the skin.
  • Intake of green tea is a great method to boost memory which ultimately works well for prevention of alzheimer’s disease.
  • Green tea is a superb aid for those who suffer from diabetes. It will help to prevent the sharp rise in the blood sugar levels.
  • Green tea will work for bones as well and helps in protection against arthritis. It blocks the enzyme which has harmful effects on the cartilage.

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