More Benefits of Fish Oil for Women

More Benefits of Fish Oil

More Benefits of Fish Oil

Omega 3 benefits and the health advantages of fish oil are known worldwide. Increasing numbers of people are starting to understand the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids with each passing day. Fish oil is among the solutions for you that don’t prefer to eat fish, but want to take benefit from the content from the fish. The benefits of fish oils are very well known for the health of the body.

Health Benefits:

Strengthens Bone Density
Including one in the journal Aging, show that omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women, and may even strengthen mineral bone strength and density.

Reduces the risk of developing cancer of the breast
Breast cancer is probably one of the more frightening conditions women face. Since women who consume omega-3s on a regular basis appear to be less likely to develop this cancer, omega-3 fatty acids clearly plays a significant role in breast health. Nutrition and Cancer, figured high levels of pro-inflammatory omega-6s may be accountable for an increased breast cancer risk, which omega-3s may help you reduce this risk.

Hair and skin
As women experience different hormonal levels throughout their life they may notice alterations in their skin and hair. This typically means dryer skin and hair loss as you age. A supplement of Omega-3 will help reduce these concerns.

Ladies routinely take a krill oil supplement will notice their skin is much more youthful in appearance. In addition dried-out skin will often disappear since the body presently has the essential Omega 3s needed for proper cell functioning.

Prevent heart disease
You know that heart disease often make women die sooner than any other disease even though cancer of the breast. And after menopause, this risk increases much more. But if EPA and DHA omega-3 supplements can help lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, which could significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

The baby’s brain evelopment
A baby needs a lot of DHA omega-3 to its fully developed brain. When the mother does not have enough DHA in your body, it will be taken from the mother’s brain. Women lose about 3% of the brain cells after a baby comes into the world. If you have three children, you’ll lose almost 10% of your brain!


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