Uses of Rose Water for Hair care

There is a long history behind using rose water. In some civilizations rose water was utilized for their spiritual ritual and operations. The benefits of rosewater are not limited simply to women but also to

Rose Water for Hair care

Rose Water for Hair care

men. Rosewater is a part of beauty regime of both women and men for past many decades.trans hairstyles and proper hair care Rose water also has certain antiseptic and antibacterial properties, that is way it is useful to cure certain skin problems too.

Rose Water Benefits:

Making Rose Water in your own home
Take fresh rose petals and wash them, to eliminate the dirt and germs. Next, insert them in a closed pan, pour enough water to pay for the petals and then continue the stove. Keep the flame on low for around fifteen minutes and let the mixture simmer. Next, let the mixture cool down. Follow this up by straining the mix and then storing it inside a clean bottle. With this simple method, you’ll have pure, fresh, homemade rose water ready, within virtually no time. Next, let’s move on to know the advantages of rose water.

Conditioning and Moisturizing
There are a variety of ways in which rose water may be used on hair. As it is thought to have conditioning and moisturizing properties, simply mix a little amount in your regular shampoo and wash your hair as usual. This would make your hair soft, shiny and smelling great. Besides as being a good hair moisturizer, the soft, lingering odor of rose, that comes from the hair, could keep you refreshed throughout the day.

Hair regrowth
Although, there is no scientific evidence backing it, yet, it is stated that rose water promotes hair regrowth. Simply shampoo the hair as always and after that, pour half a mug of rose water on your head. This can increase the supply of blood for your scalp, which in turn strengthens and nourishes your hair follicles and thus increases the hair regrowth. For those who are suffering from any kind of inflammations around the scalp, this is an excellent remedy, as rose water may possess therapeutic and healing properties too.

Hair Quality and Strength
For increasing the hair quality, rose water does apply on the hair, just like any oil. Just make a mixture of glycerin and rose water in equal quantities after which apply it on your scalp. Together with your fingertips, massage your scalp gently. Leave the mix on your hair for about 30 minutes and then wash off with a gentle shampoo. This home remedy will nourish, moisturize and strengthen hair, if undertaken once each week, for four to five months.


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  1. Rosewater is super simple to make at home! I’ve had a lot of questions from people asking why I don’t buy the one from the store instead of making my own.. well.. I have a few reasons for that.. 1. sometimes the ones from the store contain preservatives to keep the rosewater from going bad, so I don’t want to put that in my hair, and 2. it’s so easy to make and I have an excuses to get myself roses.. why not! LOL.. really though, its mostly about what goes in it and I feel more comfortable knowing that it’s 100% naturally made by me……….Read more on

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