Facial Massage Tips To Get Skin Glow

Beauty is one of the vital facets of human being, especially women. Beauty is cherished by all kinds of creatures of God. It provides a sense of satisfaction. Facial massage is among the important ayurvedic

Facial Massage

Facial Massage

therapies, responsible for fair and glowing facial complexion and countenance. Facial massage encompass cleansing, oil massage, herbal steam or compress, gentle scrub, cleansing or nitrifying mask, facial pack, toning/rejuvenating, moisturizing and hydrating.

Here are following points for Facial Massage:

  • Before beginning the massage wash properly both hands and specially finger tips with tepid to warm water, adding some anti-septic lotion inside it.
  • Choose massage oil or cream based on your skin type.
  • It is better take a massage a couple of times in a month in normal condition.
  • Always give gentle or light massage together with your finger tips in upward direction. You can add circular motion but end the finger stroke in upward direction.
  • Don’t give more pressure on the skin.
  • Don’t do massage more than Five to ten minutes.
  • Wipe off the face with cotton swab after completing the massage and have a break for minimum 15 minutes on the flat surface.
  • These are some common suggests keep in mind for a successful facial massage. As mentioned before that it helps in proper blood flow in all living cells and the body organs. It makes our face skin radiant and complexion lighter. For a massage regularly in your face according to recommendation, you’re going to get a nice face glow, fresh and fair skin.

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