Popular Home Remedies for Cold and Flu

It’s a good thing to be exposed to airborne viruses and bacteria. It makes the immune system stronger. But exactly how your immune system reacts depends upon a lot of factors. Certain foods, Popular Home Remedies for Cold and Flusupplements, herbs, and other remedies could be very beneficial during times of acute illness simply because they help your body heal itself naturally.

Strategies for building a strong immune system in addition to natural home remedies to treat ear infections, coughs, fevers, colds and flu.

Biochemists have discovered that garlic is full of allicin; an immune boosting compound that will get rid of flu and cold symptoms. Two bits of the product need to be chopped then put into hot water and then consumed like tea.

Another product which is known globally to have a positive effect on the immune system is honey. Daily use of honey has positive health impact especially on boosting the body’s defense mechanism. Honey is another preservative due to the antimicrobial properties. It may be consumed in tea, coffee or simply hot water to soothe sore throat. It is also gargled with lemon. However, it’s contraindicated in children under 1 year old.

Although a rudimentary remedy, steam continues to be effective in relieving stuffiness and congestion. Normally, this is done by inhaling the steam off a boiling pot which should be done in caution to prevent burning or irritating the nasal passages.

The health benefits of ginger cannot be over emphasised. The product is preferred by many because of the instant action on the body. The ginger must be sliced and placed in warm water then consumed. The positive health impact of ginger are also recorded in literature particularly in treating sore throat or coughs that are usually as a result of cold or flu.

Green tea extract
Many health experts verify the fact that green tea has been good at managing bugs that cause cold, flu and cough. For hundreds of years green tea has been used in the control over the aforementioned conditions. However, the dosage may not be clear but two to three cups are suggested. This home remedy can also be drawn in case one feels weak or maybe signs of fever appear signifying the start of symptoms. The earlier, the better. Check it out to boost your body’s immune defences.


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