Chill out with Some Very Cool and Healthy Drinks

In less than two weeks our kids will officially be on summer break and that’s as soon as that summer becomes real for me personally. It’s marks the beginning of a three month stretch of Chill out with Some Very Cool and Healthy Drinksbackyard cook-outs, afternoons in the shaved ice stand, laughter within the pool and ice cold drinks.

After working months sipping hot cocoa and warm tea benefit from the break that summer brings by having an ice cold glass of orange juice in the morning and frosty lemonade within the afternoon. Nice to share an accumulation of cool summer citrus drinks. It also is actually National Women’s Health Week and making these recipes is a straightforward way to start or end your entire day with a healthy drink filled with Vitamin C.

Healthy Summer Drinks

This can be a classic drink for summer. It’s probably the most refreshing and the second healthiest drink for summer about this entire list.

Lime contains electrolytes. The body loses electrolytes when you sweat. Now energy drink information mill all about marketing how important electrolytes are, that is true, and how you need to switch the ones you lose, also is true. However, you don’t require an expensive energy drink. You just need a glass of fresh lemonade. It’s natural, free from chemicals and will cool you down much better than a sugar-filled energy drink.

Iced Tea
This cool, healthy and refreshing drink is definitely a summer favorite all over the world. Iced tea is cooling, healthy due to its antioxidant content, and a fantastic pick-me-up due to the caffeine. This is also a simple drink to create and requires very little time and effort.

Iced Coffee
You gotta have your morning cuppa java anyway. So why wouldn’t you make it one of your cool and healthy drinks for summer too?

Simply brew your coffee at night and put it in the fridge if this cools down. The next morning, you’ve ready-to-drink iced coffee. Or just brew instant coffee in chilled water.

Fruit Soda
No, we’re not contradictory. Colas and sugary sodas can be harmful for you and we’re not returning on that statement. Fruit sodas, however, make yummy and satisfying summer drinks. Don’t choose packaged fruits sodas though because these contain sugar and preservatives to permit it to sit on the shelf for months. These aren’t good for you at all and those chemicals aren’t easily excreted from the body.

Watermelon smoothie
The first is a watermelon smoothie having a hint of mint. First, meet up 2 cups of watermelon chunks, preferably de-seeded, 1 tablespoon of whole fresh mint leaves, in regards to a tablespoon of honey and 1 cup of low-fat lemon-flavored yogurt. Now blend just the mint, honey and watermelon together, although not too much or it will get too watery. Adding the yogurt and blend for some seconds on a low pulse setting. Pour right into a tall glass and enjoy.


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