Liquid Foundations Use for Oily Skin

Having oily skin generally is one of the most common skin problems that any woman might have. Aside from the shine you need to remove all day long, it becomes very tough to choose the best make up and foundation to make use of. LiquiLiquid Foundations Use for Oily Skind and cream foundations might not be right for oily skin simply because they may just add oiliness to the face or even the oil in the face can make the liquid foundation slide off revealing unevenly made face.

Listed here are the best foundations for oily skin and the ways to remove excess oil in the skin:

Clean the Face with Mild Cleansers:

Before wearing make-up, make sure that your face is clean because oil-build-up can simply intensify the shine in your face all day long. Use a mild cleanser and steer clear of harsh soaps because harsh cleansers can simply trigger the production of sebum.

Apply Toners

Toners ought to be applied before wearing your foundation. Toners appear to refresh the skin and remove excessive oiliness. Pay special attention around the oily areas of the face like the forehead, chin and nose.

Choose an Oil-free Moisturizer

Contrary to public opinion that women with oily skin should avoid using moisturizers, oil-free creams may help the skin stay young and healthy. Just avoid greasy creams and lotions.

Powder Foundation

Powder foundation has become the best foundation for oily skin. Whether loose or pressed, you can just apply powder foundation utilizing a make-up sponge, kabuki brush or a powder brush to balance out the skin. Powder foundations are specifically good for oily skin since the powder soak up the excess oil in the face and help make your skin matte throughout the day. Just make sure to wash or replace the applicator regularly to prevent build-up of bacteria and oil.


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