Look Beautiful by Using Natural Beauty Tips

For the Face: To make an all-natural skin moisturizer for a normal skin add one tablespoon of orange juice and lemon juice each to one cup of yogurt.Natural-Beauty-Tips Mix the paste and apply it to a clean face as mask.

Let the skin absorb the nutrients of this moisturizing mask for about fifteen minutes and then wipe the face with a clean tissue or cotton balls. This mask will not only rehydrate the skin but also make it glow. This moisture packed mask can be used once a week to replenish the skin’s moisture supply.

2. Another nourishing face conditioner that can be made from natural products includes mixing one tablespoon of honey to two tablespoon of natural cream. Message this paste gently on the face and leave for ten minutes. Wash face with warm water.

3. Instead of spending heavily on finding the perfect sunscreen, make one by using only natural ingredients. For this add cucumber juice to glycerin and rose water in equal amounts. This mixture can also be refrigerated easily.

4. To get rid of pimples apply pure castor oil before going to sleep on a clean face. Castor oil has been known to be very effective in reducing the aging of the skin as well.

For the teeth

1. When brushing teeth sprinkle a pinch of baking soda to the regular toothpaste. This will help in gradually getting rid of plaque and dirt.

2. Rub strawberries on the teeth. The acid of these berries is strong enough to erode the plaque colonies. However, this should be done one in a week only

3. Use natural toothbrushes like bark from the walnut tree or miswak
4. Dab toothbrushes with table salt when cleaning teeth as it is an excellent abrasive

For the cuticle

1. To prepare an all-natural cuticle softener mix one tablespoon of egg yolk to equal amount of pineapple juice and one teaspoon of cider vinegar to rub on cuticles
2. Another effective way is to rub warmed olive oil on the cuticles after taking a bath
3. Mix 1/2 tablespoon cooking oil with natural soap and massage gently on cuticles

When looking for beauty product options in the market, make sure to choose natural ingredients. Instead of spending more on buying the products that contain chemicals, make use of the natural extracts that are loaded with the essential nutrients and the vitamins.

Occasionally rub the peel of orange or lemons on the face and elbows to reduce spots and bleach the face in a very gentle manner.



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