Say No to Hair Smoothening Treatments

Climate change has adverse affect on our hair. Summer leaves them burnt, while monsoons cause frizziness. Come winters and we are left grappling Say No to Hair Smoothening Treatmentswith dry scalp and dandruff. Our priceless hair becomes dull, brittle and seems as if totally devoid of life. In the end we have no choice but to rush to beauty salons for those expensive hair treatments. These treatments are not just high on our pockets but also have serious side effects on scalp and hair.

Here are some really effective ways by which we can bid good bye to the bad hair days:
Banana-Honey Mask
Honey is known for its good effects on skin but yes honey work wonders for the hair as well. It gives the scalp and hair the much needed moisture and nourishment. For added shine, beat one tablespoon of honey with one mashed overripe banana and apply it to on your hair. Rinse after 25 minutes. This honey-banana mask restores shine to your weather beaten hair.

Protein Rich Shampoo
Protein increases the elasticity and provides volume to the hair. There are different types of proteins but the best for hair are Keratin and Wheat Proteins. They not just nourish but restructure the hair cuticles. Adding protein rich products to your hair care regime would help in repairing and improving the texture of your hair.

Natural Conditioner
Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and apply some natural conditioners like eggs, curd or mayonnaise. These natural conditioners add to the health of your hair without causing any damage in return.

Even when you buy branded shampoo or conditioner, make sure you read the label and ingredients before buying it. Check for the compositions rather than blindly going after those famous glam dolls in the television commercials.

One Stop Solution
If you are a working woman or a busy home maker and have very little time to try out the above mentioned remedies, we recommend hair smoothening shampoo.

Shampoo is rich in Vitamin E that hydrates the scalp, repairs the dull ends and nourishes each strand of hair, literally. It is one product that has wheat proteins and goodness of honey both and with its volume boosting properties, it surely makes hair healthy and lustrous like never before.

This shampoo plus conditioner increases the moisture retention ability of the hair and makes them glossy instantly: precisely what we need to beat the weather blues. The Hair Smoothening Shampoo is very popular amongst women of all age groups. The best part is that you get the most enviable hair without spending a fortune. So what are you waiting for?


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