Protein Rich Foods For Weight Loss

Since ages, fitness experts have been stressing on the importance of regular exercising for a toned and attractive body. However,proved that Protein Rich Foodsexercise is not the only thing that helps in weight loss, it’s also what you eat. The foods that you consume play a very important part in determining how soon you will shed those extra kilos. Most people are opting for these high protein diets because they help enhance the benefits of exercise by losing the fat content of the body without losing the muscle. The concept of protein rich foods is getting more and more people interested as it offers maximum health benefits with proven results. Here are following foods for Weight Loss:

Not everyone likes these veggies, but provided they are cooked the right way, they can be delicious. One of my very favorite vegetarian dishes is stuffed artichokes. These fiber rich vegetables will keep your digestive system working in top form, which means that you will feel fuller for a longer period of time when you eat artichokes.

Strawberries do not make a full meal all by themselves, but they do make a great dessert. When you are in the mood for something sweet, go and get some strawberries to satisfy your sweet tooth. Not only are they rich in Vitamin C, giving you glowing skin and smooth, shiny hair, but they are also a great source of elegiac acid, which helps to fight against cancer.

Pumpkins, like all yellow vegetables, are a great source of alpha and beta carotene, which helps to protect the skin from free radicals and aging.

This vegetable should be a regular feature on the diet of all vegetarians. Brussels sprouts ranks amongst one of the most protein rich vegetables, which means that it is essential for healthy muscle and bone growth.

The humble pear is one of the best dietary choices for those who are trying to manage their weight. It contains malacchic acid, which helps to dissolve cholesterol in the human body. Yes, you read that correctly. You can eat as many pears as you want – in fact, I strongly recommend that you eat as many pears as you like – and you will still end up dissolving the cholesterol clogging up your arteries with every bite. Isn’t that the coolest thing you have ever heard?

Though pricey, kiwis are a great source of Vitamin C. Did you know that one kiwi contains almost three times of your body’s minimum recommended intake of Vitamin C?


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